Bookhooked: 1st Edition

Hi Bookworms,

I know I haven’t been posting a lot about books lately, so I decided to create a new segment name “Bookhooked”. Every 2 weeks I will post a review on a must read book. Don’t worry, I’ll try my hardest not to spoil the plot for you!


Out of my Mind

By Sharon Draper


11 year old Melody is an incredibly intelligent person. The only problem is- no one believes in her. Melody is diagnosedwith cerebral palsy. This is a disease which can affect the way Melody communicates with people. Her life is filled with quite a few challenges- Melody strives to overcome them with a lot of respect and gratiOut of my mind title cover imagetude! One day, Melody is given an opportunity that can change the way she lives forever – or so she hopes!



I really enjoyed reading this book and was constantly thinking about how challenging it must be to be unable to express yourself. I would definitely recommend this book to anyone who enjoy’s reading about the urge to express your thoughts when there are impassable boundaries!

Sharon Draper is an amazing author whom has written many other fascinating books. Click on this link to learn more about Sharon and her fantastic books!



I hope you enjoyed the first edition of Bookhooked. Tell me if you are interested in reading Out of My Mind in the description Box Below!

Forever Bookworm,

Isabella Xx

Quote of the Week

“Sometimes, you read a book and it fills you with this weird evangelical zeal, and you become convinced that the shattered world will never be put back together unless and until all living humans read the book.” 
― John Green, The Fault in Our Stars

If I had all the ice creams in the world..

Hi Bookworms,

Imagine having all the ice creams in the world: wouldn’t that be cool! I thought it would be until until I realised what massive dilemmas I might face:

  • Where would I store it all?
  • How can I get it delivered to me without it melting?
  • What happens if I make some flavours of ice cream extinct?
  • Would I have to share it?
  • Would I be too overweight?
  • Most importantly: How could I eat it all??

There are also some great pluses of owning all the ice cream in the world:

  • I could sell it for heaps of money because it would be rare!
  • I would never be hungry!
  • Get to taste new flavours!
  • I would own an ice cream kingdom!
  • You could probably ski in ice cream!


If you could own all the ice cream in the world, would you accept?


Forever Bookworm,

Isabella Xx

100 Word Challenge: When she lifted the lid

But when she lifted the lid, all that came out was snow. Martha was sure her mother had buried it in this box; she said so in her will. She glanced around the dark, empty attic. Dust and cobwebs had gathered up between the cracks in the wall. Martha ventured closer to the largest crack in the plaster. Out of the corner of her eye, Martha noticed a small brown envelope tucked inside the crack. She carefully ripped the envelope which revealed an old photograph. Martha glared at the photo of her mother holding her when she was a baby; sitting at the adoption centre. Speechless.

100 Word Challenge: Change the story!

Hi Bookworms,

this weeks prompt was to rewrite a fairytale with a twisted ending; here is mine:


The crazy witch yelled “Rapunzel, let down your hair!” Rapunzel had better ideas. Instead of letting down her luscious locks, she grabbed her dear friend Grumpy. The very angry dwarf had a long day at work; he was in an angry mood. Grumpy threw his long, grubby beard down the turret wall. Rapunzel quickly ran down the fire escape and watched the angry haggard climb up the tangled hair. As she neared to the top, Grumpy whipped a Swiss army knife from his pocket and cut off his hair. The witch fell into the ground and was never seen again!


I hope you enjoyed it, I had alot of fun writing this!

Forever Bookworm,

Isabella Xx

You just got served: your dinner!

Hi Bookworms,

Dad jokes,lame jokes, puns; everybody has heard at least 1 bad pun in the last week, want to hear mine??

“You just got served: your dinner!”

Of course this doesn’t make sense to you as you do not what I am talking about and how the pun evolved. Hong Kong is known for it’s wide range of food, today we came across some tennis racquet shaped pasta. We decided to eat it for dinner. Then of course, I had to pull the pun!

Anyway, I was so sad when I realised I had no Sugarpova lollies available: they have tennis ball gum(great for dessert!)!

I have also been lucky enough to eat pasta shaped like a moose: it was so delicious!

I have been thinking of some really fun food mixes and have listed them below:

  • Dinner: Cat shaped pasta, Dessert:Chocolate mice
  • Lunch: Apple with soursquirms poking out!
  • Lunch: Bacon sandwich with Percy Pig Lollies!


Maybe you could try some of my “punny food”!


Forever Bookworm,

Isabella Xx

..Pushing through the Earth…

Hi Bookworms,

I am participating in the 100 word challenge again this year, this is my first week back! The prompt is too write a story using 100 words relating to the different themes, here I go…:

I pushed through the earth, soil soaking through my skin. Infinite amounts of flora creature an atmospheric enclosure. I am somewhat encaged in nature, blending in with my surroundings. A small speck of white in the distance is like a guiding compass. When I arrive, more importantly if I arrive, I will be able to fend for myself. I peer to the right of the white speck; a long barbed fence is guarding the land, trying to keep people away. As I continue through the dense forest, my quenched boots touch a hard surface. I don’t think I was the only person escaping my homeland.


I hope you enjoyed it!!

Forever Bookworm,

Isabella Xx

Treasure Hunt…

Hi Bookworms,

I am sure you may have noticed a slight change in my blogs theme! It has been quite confusing navigating through it but I have eventually found my way.

Anyway, I made a little map of the parts of a blog. Just like the human body, If  a blog doesn’t have all of these characteristics, it will not work properly. It is kind of like a blog map showing where everything is! Parts of a blog

I am sure you will agree that this ‘map’ isn’t too amazing, in fact, I think it is more of an advertisement. That’s right, an advertisement! Sometimes it is good to review and renew things, because it can improve them. I guess that Is why I created a new blog theme, to tidy it up a bit!


Dear reader,

If you have managed to continue reading to this point, I praise you!


Thanks for reading!


Forever Bookworm,

Isabella Xx

Karate Bowling!

Hi Bookworms,

Because I am in a different country, the culture is very different. Surprisingly there are quite a few +’s of Hong Kong. I have been on the hunt for some and tested them out!

+ #1


I love bowling, it is very handy when there are 4 bowling alleys next door to your house! I have been bowling at least 3 times a week and really enjoy it!


+ #2


Hong Kong is known for it’s fabulous array of markets, they are filled with thousands of treasures and gadgets that you can’t buy anywhere else {Think spy pens, clothing, Chinese Chess sets}.


+ #3


There are thousands of fabulous delicacies and restaurants throughout Hong Kong. My favourite would have to be Pizza Express; they sell the best pasta ever!

Action in Lane 20Flip Flops on the RiverHappy Pasta free creative commons
Photo Credit: D. Sharon Pruitt via Compfight
Creative Commons License Photo Credit: Dave King via Compfight
Creative Commons License Photo Credit: Trey Ratcliff via Compfight

Forever Bookworm,

Isabella Xx

Oh No! My world is lost!

Hi Bookworms,

I am coming to you with some very sad news. My world globe widget has somehow been deleted :( I am very sad to lose my stats of my blog views so I had the courage to add on another globe. It is sad knowing that I will have to start from base 0 so I figured I should make this globe my 2014+ one. My goal is to reach over 3000 visits this year (including last years count). I also want to try and have more than 55 countries view my blog (last years too). If my globe comes back to life, I will be so happy. But for now, I will be starting from scratch.

This is another fault in computer systems to add to the list:(

Have you ever had little doubt in your computer? Let me know below!


Forever Bookworm,

Isabella Xx