Bookhooked: 2nd Edition

Hi Bookworms,

This weeks review is on:

Milly-Molly-Mandy Storybook

By Joyce Lankester Brisley


Age Recommendation: 6-10


This story is about a troublesome girl named Milly-Molly-Mandy. She loves to go on adventures and always tries her hardest to avoid getting in trouble. In each chapter, Milly-Molly-Mandy has an exciting new adventure such as picking blackberries, going to a fete, going to a concert and even going on an expedition!

This book has always been quite a popular read since it was first published in 1925. This book is one of my favourite childhood reads and I still have it on my ‘favourite books’ section of my bookshelf.

I would definitely recommend this book to anyone who is a bit mischief or anyone who likes to read stories set in the past.


What was your favourite book as a child?


Forever Bookworm,

Isabella Xx

Update* How do I get to School?

Hi Bookworms,

For this weeks student blogging challenge, we were asked to answer some questions about our school/how we get to school. Below is a timeline of my average school day:


6:30am Wake up, get ready for school

7:00am Still getting ready for school… (eat, pack bag, brush teeth, brush hair, make lunch)

7:20am Catch bus to school

7:50am Arrive at school

8:15am Get ready for homeroom (short class where you mark the role etc.)

8:35am First subject begins

9:30am Second subject begins

10:30am Recess begins!

10:55am Third class begins

11:55am Fourth class begins

12:50pm Lunch time!

1:45pm Fifth class begins

2:35pm Sixth class begins

3:30pm Schools FinishedHome time!! – Catch the train home

4:15pm Catch a bus to taxi home

4:30pm I am home!


That’s an average day in the life of me!


How early do you have to wake up to get to school?


Forever Bookwormed,

Isabella Xx

What makes a Great Leader?

Hi Bookworms,

This week’s student blogging challenge asked us to post about what makes a great leader. Many great leaders have conquered the Earth with their courage and inner-peace. Below are some of the qualities they need/have:








Willing to compromise



Willing to Communicate




Friendly & Cooperative


What else can be added to the list?

Forever Bookworm,

Isabella Xx

I have returned from…

Hi Bookworms,
As you may have noticed, I haven’t been posting very much lately; I’ve been so busy with the crazy amount of homework High School throws at you and unfortunately that has got in the way of my blogging 🙁 Aside from that, I had 2 weeks of holiday’s in one of the most amazing resorts ever! I did heaps of awesome things like kayaking, snorkelling, sailing, hip hop classes, Fashion Show, Teen’s club, teens club dropouts (with half the teens club for 2 hours!) and… trapeze! Trapeze and teens club was definitely my favourite part of the trip because I met so many new friends and learnt so many tricks on the trapeze. Oh, and did I mention the BUFFET? All meals were in the buffet which left me quite full!

Buffet x 4(times a day) x 7(days I ate at the buffet) = One stomach filled with Ice Cream!

No Big Wave
Creative Commons License Photo Credit: danorbit. via Compfight

After staying on an isolated island for a week, we went to Singapore for a few days. This resulted in lots of shopping (Typo, Cotton On, Forever 21, Smiggle, UNI QLO etc.) and an awesome trip to Universal Studios. Whilst queuing for my favourite ride, Revenge of The Mummy; someone was being filmed next to us, we decided to smile and wave (and smile and wave…) and eventually managed to sit next to her. Fortunately, this was all caught on a big movie-maker-type camera!

I will be having a back-to-back Friday to Friday Marathon of posts since I haven’t posted for ages!



Forever Bookworm,

Isabella Xx


Bookhooked: 1st Edition

Hi Bookworms,

I know I haven’t been posting a lot about books lately, so I decided to create a new segment named “Bookhooked”. Every 2 weeks I will post a review on a must read book. Don’t worry, I’ll try my hardest not to spoil the plot for you!


Out of my Mind

By Sharon Draper

Rating: ★★★★½

Age Recommendation: 10-14

11 year old Melody is an incredibly intelligent person. The only problem is- no one believes in her. Melody is diagnosedwith cerebral palsy. This is a disease which can affect the way Melody communicates with people. Her life is filled with quite a few challenges- Melody strives to overcome them with a lot of respect and gratiOut of my mind title cover imagetude! One day, Melody is given an opportunity that can change the way she lives forever – or so she hopes!



I really enjoyed reading this book and was constantly thinking about how challenging it must be to be unable to express yourself. I would definitely recommend this book to anyone who enjoy’s reading about the urge to express your thoughts when there are impassable boundaries!

Sharon Draper is an amazing author whom has written many other fascinating books. Click on this link to learn more about Sharon and her fantastic books!



I hope you enjoyed the first edition of Bookhooked. Tell me if you are interested in reading Out of My Mind in the description Box Below!


Forever Bookworm,

Isabella Xx

Quote of the Week

“Sometimes, you read a book and it fills you with this weird evangelical zeal, and you become convinced that the shattered world will never be put back together unless and until all living humans read the book.” 
― John Green, The Fault in Our Stars

If I had all the ice creams in the world..

Hi Bookworms,

Imagine having all the ice creams in the world: wouldn’t that be cool! I thought it would be until until I realised what massive dilemmas I might face:

  • Where would I store it all?
  • How can I get it delivered to me without it melting?
  • What happens if I make some flavours of ice cream extinct?
  • Would I have to share it?
  • Would I be too overweight?
  • Most importantly: How could I eat it all??

There are also some great pluses of owning all the ice cream in the world:

  • I could sell it for heaps of money because it would be rare!
  • I would never be hungry!
  • Get to taste new flavours!
  • I would own an ice cream kingdom!
  • You could probably ski in ice cream!


If you could own all the ice cream in the world, would you accept?


Forever Bookworm,

Isabella Xx

100 Word Challenge: When she lifted the lid

But when she lifted the lid, all that came out was snow. Martha was sure her mother had buried it in this box; she said so in her will. She glanced around the dark, empty attic. Dust and cobwebs had gathered up between the cracks in the wall. Martha ventured closer to the largest crack in the plaster. Out of the corner of her eye, Martha noticed a small brown envelope tucked inside the crack. She carefully ripped the envelope which revealed an old photograph. Martha glared at the photo of her mother holding her when she was a baby; sitting at the adoption centre. Speechless.

100 Word Challenge: Change the story!

Hi Bookworms,

this weeks prompt was to rewrite a fairytale with a twisted ending; here is mine:


The crazy witch yelled “Rapunzel, let down your hair!” Rapunzel had better ideas. Instead of letting down her luscious locks, she grabbed her dear friend Grumpy. The very angry dwarf had a long day at work; he was in an angry mood. Grumpy threw his long, grubby beard down the turret wall. Rapunzel quickly ran down the fire escape and watched the angry haggard climb up the tangled hair. As she neared to the top, Grumpy whipped a Swiss army knife from his pocket and cut off his hair. The witch fell into the ground and was never seen again!


I hope you enjoyed it, I had alot of fun writing this!

Forever Bookworm,

Isabella Xx

You just got served: your dinner!

Hi Bookworms,

Dad jokes,lame jokes, puns; everybody has heard at least 1 bad pun in the last week, want to hear mine??

“You just got served: your dinner!”

Of course this doesn’t make sense to you as you do not what I am talking about and how the pun evolved. Hong Kong is known for it’s wide range of food, today we came across some tennis racquet shaped pasta. We decided to eat it for dinner. Then of course, I had to pull the pun!

Anyway, I was so sad when I realised I had no Sugarpova lollies available: they have tennis ball gum(great for dessert!)!

I have also been lucky enough to eat pasta shaped like a moose: it was so delicious!

I have been thinking of some really fun food mixes and have listed them below:

  • Dinner: Cat shaped pasta, Dessert:Chocolate mice
  • Lunch: Apple with soursquirms poking out!
  • Lunch: Bacon sandwich with Percy Pig Lollies!


Maybe you could try some of my “punny food”!


Forever Bookworm,

Isabella Xx

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